Commercial Building for Sale by Owner: $360,000US

From 2019-2021, we leased the commerical building, including the bungalow/studio for $2,300US a month. The lease terminated July 31, 2021. For more details, contact Will Sanders: or 011-501-632-7008

Skating Cow Creations (SCC) was our vision to create a boutique cheese and ice cream shop, however our plans changed. In 2014, we moved to Hopkins to retire, but somehow got off track, purchased a Hopkins Inn Bed & Breakfast in the Beach, remodeled it, and began construction on this commercial building. We never got around to building our “dream home.” We are now returning to our original plan of retiring and traveling more. Currently, we are remodeling the main house at Hopkins Inn.

We designed SCC’s upstair space to have a natural feel with tropical hardwoods and Belizean slate. We already have some furniture as well. It has a staff bathroom upstairs as well as down.

The kitchen entry from the garage (for delivery of fresh milk) has a two-door antechamber (so outside air does not come in) with a sink for ultimate cleanliness. The floor is a sloped porcelain tile floor with imported floor drains to clean easily. An inside bathroom means employees do not have to leave and contaminate the area. We have a three-compartment sink, a hand washing sink, several refrigerators and freezers, a commercial ice cream maker, and many other high-end imported equipment.

We envisioned a cheese operation where we allowed guest chefs to come in, make their artisan cheese and other local products, and then sale it upstairs (where we planned to feature many artisan products from the area that do not have a distribution chain.) There are also separate outside ground-level bathrooms for customers. There is also additional space if one wanted to have restaurant/dining area downstairs, outside.

In addition, we have a 400 square foot studio cabana. It is furnished with a queen and twin size bed/sofa, and furniture, etc. It is on the same property as the restaurant. It may be rented out as well. (In 2018, we leased the bungalow for $1,500US a month.)